December 15th, 2011

A link to an article I wrote for the good guys at Class Magazine concerning one of the techniques I developed for the bar




December 14th, 2011

Again, as with bitterness, a wide category so I’ve been experimenting with different souring agents aside from citrus fruit (a costly souring agent in Britain, and distinctly ???not local???!). ?? Examples include: Acetic acid – better known as vinegar. A great preservative for fruits, and a wonderfully sharp taste, and with the many different vinegars to explore. Malic acid, and other fruit acids – that green apple bite, and a very clean freshness- isolated from that citrus taste. And, a homemade creation in collaboration with Tris Stephenson- ???Exhaustion Tonic??? – a mineral salt and acid blend- creating that flinty, mineral sour/dryness. Unique, and a wonderful addition to subtle drinks. More details to follow!

Oh, How Bitter It Is…

December 14th, 2011

I’ve been messing around with some flavours that are based on earthiness at the moment.
Maybe I’m trying to rereate some of the flavours I made as a kid making mud cocktails (or was subjected to by a sibling)? But believe me, this isn’t as weird as it sounds. Earthiness has always been an aspirational flavour; I’ve even tried getting bricks into a drink. But it’s one of the aspects of bitterness I’ve been exploring. There are many facets to the category which people often lump together. My Chip Pan bitters (a combination of burnt fats used to fat wash [more on that later too!] a spirit to ‘age’ bittering agents) are used at the bar exactly for this. But other sides of bitterness have been on my mind too- hence my homemade ones currently at the bar- Chlorophyll bitters, my old Salt and Pepper bitters (cocktail seasoning!) and Roasted Yeast bitters.