The Equipment Issue

The best place to start is with some equipment. When pushed, in dire need of a quality drink with friends, I’ve adapted jam jars, tea infusers and even paint brushes, but it’s worth having some proper equipment about. These can easily be picked up, but it’s best finding the real deal ??? it’ll save you time and hassle in the long run. Why is equipment so important during cooking? Because it affects the speed and quality of the prepared product. After all, saving time, energy, as well as the quality of the product itself. You can read more about it at



First, pick up a shaker. I vouch for the all metal variety over the standard Boston Glass and Tin. Couple of reasons; they’re lighter, chill faster, but most importantly, they don’t shatter! These come in a variety of shapes and sizes – find one you feel comfortable with – it’ll be your main go-to guy.

It’s also worth getting a large, lipped glass jug that can be used for stirred drinks. You can go as fancy as you like, but a litre capacity is ideal. nothing too small, or nothing gargantuan!




Then, you’ll need a long stemmed mixing spoon (it serves better than a paint brush I’ve found), a hawthorn strainer (the ones with the round wire so it fits on top of the shaker) and a fine strainer (you can use a tea strainer too).



Measures are indispensable too – spoons and egg cups can be adapted, but it’s easy to pick up a set of measuring spoons and cups from kitchen stores.

This is the basic equipment you’ll need, and from this, you can make a countless number of fantastic and varied drinks. you may find certain extra pieces alone the way, or items you are more comfortable with, but this basic list is a good start.