Thanks Karen-o! (i think)

It must be remembered that making cocktails can be combined with everyday moments, that is, a hobby with ordinary life. When I write my discussion post online on this topic, I emphasized that there is no point in singling out one thing - hobby, work, life - it is worth combining it.

Karen gets to enjoy the finer stuff. I know this as we’ve indulged here and abroad in it with Natasha being very much more than an instigator.

They both also have quite a sense of humour though, so it’s with this in mind that I think this bundle has landed in my lap. Either that, or they like testing the littlest brother. Not sure if this falls under the category of cocktails to mix at a poorly stocked house party/raiding the last of the liquor cabinet/holiday drinks but I can’t say that I’m filled with huge excitement towards any of the ingredients.

Anyway, I usually start by trying the base ingredients to try build a drink around them. Unusually, I’ve done no research on these. Here goes:

Bailoni ‘Kirschlikor’. I could decipher the cherry moniker but the luminous fruit adorning the label are a nice prompt. Not so turbo red as you’d expect. Deep, stewed cherries on the nose with hints of bark and marzipan. Pretty sweet, but not overly confected. I can still see too; Bonus!

Bailoni ‘Williams-Birnenschnaps’. Distinct eau-de-vie style nose. Not too estery/fruity though. Background of pear on the nose. Dry, pear and cinnamon on the palate. Actually quite tasty.

Gluckspilz ‘kiwi liqueur’. Toxic green and I can smell it as soon as the bottle opens. ‘watermelon’ jolly ranchers, overly ripe white pear and highly confected. Ghastly with a touch of sourness

Maraska ‘Pelinkovac’. Rich, deep purple/red. Nose of cooked berries, plums and cherries. Some Christmas spices and bitter notes. Palate starts sweet, then evens into a medicinal style bitterness.

Starbucks Coffee Liqueur. Stinks like old coffee grounds. As bad as the Gluckspilz

Sucre Coco. This might’ve come about as they know I’m currently loving coconut as a flavour to use. This is rubbish though.

I initially figured these would all be hideous novelty hooch. Not so, the Bailoni and the Pelinkovac were quite surprising. I’m not sure I’d have much use for them beyond these small bottles, but nonetheless a whole different league to the Kiwi and the Starbucks aberrations. The upshot? Karen and Natasha get special holiday booze cocktails!