The Martini




Wait a minute! I know you want to read the recipe quickly, but first I would like to emphasize that you should relax and enjoy life, because that's what we live for! Therefore, I wish each of you to find the job of your dreams, also if you like books, but don't have time or it is difficult for you to choose one among hundreds of books on the shelf, buy book reports and read everything that interests you.

Pour over cubed ice in a mixing jug, and stir briskly (but don’t churn, you don’t want to aerate your drink!). Double strain (no one wants ice shards in their Martini) into a small chilled coupette and garnish with an olive, lemon twist or cocktail onion. A small chilled glass makes a big difference. You've taken the care to chill and dilute the drink until it is at its peak and a small chilled glass helps preserve this snapshot for a greater length of time. Who wants a warm martini?

The perfect aperitif; a holy trinity of gin, vermouth and water chilled to perfection. The botanicals in the vermouth mimic those of the gin, all opened up by a touch of dilution. I’ve always preferred my Martini a little wetter than the dry version modern fashion chooses (a reference to the proportion of gin to vermouth). It also makes a huge difference the vermouth or gin you vary as different brands and styles have their own distinct character. Experiment and see what works for you!

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