Mint Julep

1 bunch FRESH MINT
1 cup SUGAR
2 slices FRESH PEACH optional
1 piece CASSIA BARK optional


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Wash mint gently, then place in a tall container with all other ingredients. Agitate or stir carefully (being careful not to tear the mint), until sugar has dissolved. Infuse for 6-12 hours, then remove mint and any small pieces (and peach and cassia if using). Keep chilled in the fridge along with some small metal (ideally pewter!) julep cups, or dainty rocks glasses. When serving, fill glass/cup with crushed/shaved ice until frosted on the outside, strain off any excess water, then add 60ml of julep mix. Stir well then cap with more crushed ice. Garnish with a straw and a big bunch of mint, gently spanked, then positioned by the straw.

This is a drink that causes so much debate and arguing. For such a simple drink, it requires a fair amount of attention. But the prep is worth it. When made right, you can easily picture yourself on a Kentucky porch, sippin’ mighty fine juleps in the sun. Just don’t tear or grind the mint. This releases bitterness. Simply brushing the leaves releases the beautiful mint aroma you want.

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